Reduce Recordable Injuries

Introducing Fit to Lift Testing -  As an employer, you can get better service because our clinic will know your needs. This software allows us to build your employee exams based on the physical parameters required. We will do the set up. You access the reports on your employees from your private login. No more calling clinics to locate your exams.

Drug Testing & Occupational Medicine in Fort Pierce

Screenings: MWF 8am-12pm, 2pm-5:00pm; Tue 10am-4pm; TH 10am-2pm APPOINTMENTS PREFERRED


DRUG SCREENS: NO WAIT COLLECTIONS! We perform the following drug testing at our office: urine (with lab analysis), urine instant (instant results right in our office), hair. 

  • Quest Preferred Provider
  • CRL provider: they mail you the test kit and we perform the collections.
  • Physical (DOT or Post-Offer Physical): By appointment we can do that for you as well. 
  • Hair Collection required? No problem!
  • FORMFOX Digital screening is available. Get your confirmations immediately upon completion when you schedule a Formfox evaluation through Quest or through your TPA (Third Party Agent). 
  •  Alcohol Screening: Evidentiary screening is performed in our office with little to no waiting. We utilize the Pheonix 6.0 Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Screen. We print out the report and fax it immediately to the employer.  
  • TPA contracting available. We would love to be a resource for you. Call to add us to your list of providers! 772-882-0701.
  • DIRECT CONTRACTS: Contract with us individually for corporate services even if they hold a Quest account. We are happy to work on a contract with you for multiple services for companies 5 employees or more. 772-882-0701. 

Corporate Health Fairs:


Occupational Medicine

Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce

Employers & DOT

We are available for your Corporate Health Fair. If you require a group of services for your Corporation we can set a date and come to you. We can perform exams, drug testing, alcohol testing and many other types of testing on location. 772-882-0701 to schedule

  • Physicals for DOT and post-offer employment
  • Respirator Fit Tests, Qualitative
  • Respirator Questionnaires (fax to 772-617-6643)
  • Drug Tests (urine or hair)
  • Alcohol Tests (breath, evidentiary equipment from Lifeloc)
  • Spirometry / PFT (Non-DOT only at this time, evidentiary equipment from CMI)
  • Fit for Duty Testing (software from Fit To Lift)

Other Services

Alcohol Screening

We utilize Breath Alcohol Testing via the Lifeloc Pheonix 6.0 device with wireless printer. DOT or Employer driven. Paper or Digital (Formfox). $40 

DOT Physical

We have had several drivers come for an exam and say they have never had a complete examination like ours. Every examination is now standardized so they should all cover the same parts. 

We utilize Formfox digital format with digital signature capturing. These exams can be faxed or emailed direct to the Employer and Examinee on the same day. We present the Employee with a hard copy at the completion of the examination. Our fee is only $70

Requires scheduling due to time. 772-882-0701

Fit To Lift Testing

We are a Fit To Lift clinic which means we have the tools your company needs to increase employee retention and  reduce injuries and medical expenditures by up to 50-90% while improving employee retention by  up to 25%  

  • Reduce Recordable Injuries
  • Fit for Duty Exams
  • Call for a one on one appointment for more information: 772-882-0701

NIOSH Pulmonary Function Testing - PFT

 In office testing $25 per person, Scheduling required. Call 772-882-0701 for an appointment. 

- Susan Sanders DC, BAT, COHC

CAOHC Hearing Conservation Training

In office testing $25 per person, Scheduling required. Call 772-882-0701 for an appointment. 

- Susan Sanders DC, BAT, COHC

Ishihara Testing

Color Vision Testing is available now in our office. $40

Need a specific test not listed on our website? Let us know! Ask for Dr. Sanders!


Employer Sensitivity Needs - Fit To Lift

 As an employer, you can learn to work well with a clinic and get better service because they know your needs. Learn from them and they will learn from you. As a clinic we can learn to serve employers and make their operations easier or harder. It is your choice. If you want to work with employers the there is lots to learn!!