Back Pain: Important Warning System
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Back Pain Relief:

Warning lights, bells and whistles are sounds we are conditioned to respond to quickly when there is a crisis. Our body’s warning system, pain, is unfortunately the most often ignored alarm. Pain of any kind is a warning signal from your body that something is wrong. People often prefer to silence their warning system with pain killers and ignore the message their body is desperately trying to communicate to them until the point of major crisis or total loss. Back pain is one such pain that is very commonly ignored or masked until it depletes the quality of life to an unbearable state.

Understanding Your Back’s Warning System:

The joints at the back edge of each spinal bone are rich with pain receptors and are a common cause of back pain. The pain can be a sign these interlocking joints have lost their normal mobility. The discs between spinal bones can also be involved. Simple traumas like a slip or fall or over stretching while lifting can cause the soft, gel like material in the middle to shift and cause pressure on nearby nerves.

The Fast Fix:

People suffering with back pain both chronic and acute would like their pain taken away immediately. They most often choose fast and temporary over long lasting quality solutions. Very common choices include:

Ignore it: Spinal problems when ignored tend to worsen over time.
Bed rest: May offer short term relief but as with ignoring it this option delays addressing the problem.
Therapy: This may offer short term relief but if malfunctioning joints are present it is again just ignored.
Medicine: Numbs the pain offering relief but there are no medications that will correct the joint dysfunction.
Surgery: Certain types of back pain may require surgery but these are rare and even in these cases surgery is recommended as the last resort and only when conservative treatment options are unable to help.

The Healthier Corrective Choice:

Chiropractic treatment can help improve spinal position and mobility. By restoring the way your spine works the joints, discs and soft tissues begin to repair, nerve pressure can be reduced, pain diminishes and stability returns. Chiropractors have incorporated many useful such as: spinal adjustments, tools, and therapeutic exercise, to help restore mobility and spine alignment but also to expedite the regenerative process of the spinal discs.

Dr. Susan Sanders, DC has been serving families for 20 years and has been serving the Treasure Coast for the last 10 years providing family chiropractic care and personal injury treatments. The office is 1,400 square feet of Chiropractic and Rehabilitative therapies. We provide many types of adjusting techniques, by hand or with the use of adjusting tools to suit every one’s individual needs. We are in network with many insurance plans and also provide cash services as well as family and business contracts for those looking for group coverage. We look forward to serving you.

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