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There are different types of nutrition and as a result there are articles out there that say nutrition doesn’t work. Other articles cannot say enough about nutrition. I use nutrition for healing which is why I partner with 3 companies to provide you with the highest grade of nutrition which helps you heal. They are Metagenics, NutriWest, and Biotics. Over 22 plus years, these have been the best in the business I have ever known. I prescribe them to you after I know what your condition is and we perform a brief exam. I can schedule you for a blood draw to analyze your weakened organ systems or we can provide a scan utilizing the meridian points of the body. You have options if you are scared of needles. Our blood draws are covered by most insurance or we can provide this service on a cash pay basis. If you are interested, here are the 7 causes of leg cramps from Metagenics.

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