Required for ALL CDL drivers

Quest Employer Testing Solutions


Not only are we a PREFERRED QUEST COLLECTION LOCATION, but we also maintain an account with Quest Employer Solutions so you don't have to. Allow us to contract for your Employer needs and we can pass savings on to you. Call 772-882-0701. 



 Did you know it is the law that even single owner operators must be in a consortium for the purpose of quaterly random drug and alcohol screening? We make it simple and inexpensive. Our annual fee begins at $50 for up to 5 drivers per year. You simply pay for testing if your name is drawn from the pool of drivers in our Consortium.  

Do you require a single Company Consortium?



Some companies do not want to be pooled with other drivers and instead wish to have one Consortium for only their driver. We can accomodate you by setting up, maintaining and drawing from your individualized pool of drivers each quater. Our Annual Consortium fee starts at $50 per each 5 employees. As you grow, we can add your new drivers into the pool. Fax a request to 772-617-6643 to get started today. 



Does low to no waiting time sound good to you? Call us at 772-882-0701. We typically see a client within 3-5 minutes of their appointment time. Let us know what day you are sending a walk in so we can guarentee what hours are going to be the most efficient for getting them in and out within minutes. As we all know, it may be hard to get scheduled at Quest due to their high volume of patients. Your employee may be waiting to be seen for an extended amount of work hours simply to have their urine collected or their blood drawn. 

Evening Collections


Quest finished pickup for Drug screens by 3:30 pm daily. That does not stop us. If you need to send someone for screening after pick up hours, we make sure the sample maintains integrity for the next available scheduled pick. This includes Friday evening collections for Monday Morning pickup. 

Digital Forms & Barcodes


With FORMFOX, we can scan your client's barcode into the software and pull up the digital collection form within seconds. All forms are instanly sent to the Employer/DER, the MRO and the employee. Nothing gets lost in transit to the lab.