Occupational Medicine in Fort Pierce

Screenings: MWF 8am-12pm, 2pm-5:30pm; Tue 10am-4pm; TH 10am-2pm APPOINTMENTS PREFERRED


Drug Screenings: We perform the following drug testing at our office with an appointment: urine (with lab analysis), urine instant (instant results right in our office), hair, oral. We are on the Quest Preferred Provider list for your convenience. Ask us to fax over our fee sheet. Corporations can still contract with us individually for corporate services even if they hold a Quest account. We are happy to work on a contract with you for multiple services for companies 5 employees or more. 772-882-0701. 

Alcohol Screening: Evidentiary screening is performed in our office with little to no waiting. We utilize the Pheonix 6.0 Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Screen. We print out the report and fax it immediately to the employer. 

Quest Preferred Provider

TPA (s): We would love to be a resource for you. Call to add us to your list of providers! 772-882-0701

Corporate Health Fairs:


Occupational Medicine in Port St. Lucie

Occupational Medicine in Fort Pierce

DOT physical in Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce

We are available for your Corporate Health Fair. If you require a group of services for your Corporation on a set schedule of days, call us. We can perform exams, drug testing, alcohol testing and many other types of testing on location. 772-882-0701 to schedule.