Collections, Testing, and Physicals: Drug Testing in Fort Pierce and PSL

We are a Quest Preferred Provider. Minimal waiting time and same day service is provided here.

Drug Testing in Fort Pierce

Drug Testing in Port St. Lucie

+Urine, lab collections $50

+Urine , instant result collection $70

+Observed Collections, additional $20 (appointment only)

+Breath Alcohol Test, $40, evidential

+Breath Alocohol Confirmation, evidential $40

+Hair Collection, drug screen $40

+Oral FLUID Collection, drug screen $40

+Blood Alcohol Collection $40

+Phlebotomy: Venipuncture or fingerstick $20

We collect for Quest, Labcorp, TASC, OMEGA, CRL, and Psychmedics.  We utilize FORMFOX for our collections and paper forms. 


Physical Examinations in Port St. Lucie

+DOT physical $70 cash only

+Pre-Employment $70 (30-day net)

+Blood Pressure $10

+Height $10

+Weight $10

+Hip to waist circumference $10

+Neck Circumference $10

+Wrist Circumference $10

+EKG $30

+Respiratory Fitness (coming soon)

+Pulmonary Function (coming soon)

+Audio/hearing (Whisper Test $10)

+Audiometry (coming soon)

+Fit Testing for Respiratory masks (coming soon)