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Medical Disability Evaluation Attorney Services (with MMI Evaluation)

Requires patient questionnaire (emailed to client), a video call with the client (to be scheduled), MRI & Xray reports  supplied for review, treatment records supplied for Date of Injury. We will provide you with a MMI rating (Maximum Medical Improvement percentage).

Call 772-882-0701 to schedule. Billable to Auto Claim or billable separately.

Auto Accident Care / Slip and Fall Care

Lakewood Park area of north Fort Pierce. We are positioned at the center of this zone which has no other doctors in any mile within a 10 miles radius (any direction) with the exception of the Dentist in the plaza at Indrio Crossing.

Independent Medical Exams (IME) $300 with report 

Requires a scheduled 1 hour in person appointment, all imaging reports, all medical records. We will send you a report stating injuries remaining and recommendations on care or release. No MMI rating will be assessed.

(Call 772-882-0701 for appointment)

Audits, Demand Letters, Court Approved Independent Medical Validation, AOMSI Reports (DRMA)

Dr. Susan Sanders is an auditor at which is a National Website of injury auditors. We offer Injury Demand Letters which cover Disability Questionnaires. Call 772-882-0701 to schedule your Audit or Demand Letter with Dr. Susan Sanders and maximize your case value!

Download Samples

Once you check us out by downloading our samples above, click below try a free review on one of your problem cases OR order your audit or demand letter. We offer a free review to see how we can Maximize your case.

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This animation from describes how A.I. audits your client's injury claims to maximize the case valuation

Add Predictive Analytics To Your Demand to Maximize Settlement Valuation Across 24+ Monetary Markers...before you submit

Maximize your Injury Claims!

According to this new A.I. Service saves you legal time-and-spend by running your claim through its A.I. Analytics Program to maximize claim valuation every time – and it’s affordable.

There Is no Need to Buy A.I. Software or Hire Expensive Auditors, Economists, or Life Care Planners. A.I. increase in efficiency leads to more cases being resolved for higher injury claim valuation, and more satisfied clients.

The review is free, call 772-882-0701.

A.I. analytics applied to your personal injury claim will maximize valuation by:

  • Auditing the injury claim across 24+ Monetary Markers
  • Searching and tagging Elements of Damages among 67,880 decision points
  • Performing IR (impairment ratings) that add 25% to the total medical valuation 
  • Adding Economists Calculations that can add six figures to standard injury claims
  • Increasing the valuation of each claim every time
  • Providing a Nexus Letter to win the greater weight of the evidence challenges

A.I. is playing an increasingly important role in the field of personal injury litigation to maximize claim valuation. A.I. Predictive analytics increases the value of the claim every time. A.I. economist’s calculations of ‘Elements of Damages’ increase the amount of money recovered for the client.

Preparing demands can be lengthy and cumbersome, involving hours of research and paperwork and often winding up with insurers making unfair, unreasonable under-valuations of injury claims.

Plaintiffs’ representatives can now submit an injury claim for audit by A.I. that will quickly gather relevant information and add “Decision Points” that push claims through the system much faster and for a much larger settlement valuation. Every time!

The review is free, click below or call 772-882-0701.

This New Audit Service Based On A.I. Is Now Available For Only A  a Fraction of What You'd Expect to Pay And...

  • Clients are getting the settlements they deserve
  • Injury claim valuation is maximized on every claim
  • Insurers are prevented from making unfair claim valuation
  • Attorneys save 50% of the time & spend required to formulate a demand

And because AI doesn't get tired or make mistakes, you can be confident that you're leaving no money on the table.

 A.I. capability and speed of processing to audit injury claims is becoming more prevalent in the legal field, to;

  1. Perform Economists’ Calculations on
  2. Elements of Damages across
  3. 28 Monetary Markers of
  4. 67,000 Decision Points and for a fraction of the cost and time

When you call, at no cost or obligation we will:

  1. Review one of your claims to determine the added valuation the AI audit service could bring
  2. Show you a demand letter with
         a) 28 monetary markers of injury
         b) Elements of Damages
         c) Economist’s Calculations that maximize valuation
  3. Explain and review an Independent Medical Validation (Nexus Letter) to win the great weight challenges
  4. Reveal our telemedicine medical inventory used to detect overlooked threshold injuries


The review is free. Click below or call 772-882-0701.

Accidents can come with painful consequences for one’s health, view of the world, self-esteem, and other issues. Economists’ calculations across all elements of damages, can add six figures to an injury claim. New A.I.Audit service is affordable!

The review is free. FREE REVIEW/ORDER HERE or Call 772-882-0701.

A.I. now performs ECONOMISTS CALCULATIONS that add six figures of valuation for an affordable flat service fee that can't be overlooked.

I’ll never forget the reactions of the attorneys after we use the A.I. calculator to audit and amend their demands. They are ecstatic!

Not only do we get MAXIMUM SETTLEMENT VALUATIONS for injured clients, but we also save law firms a lot of time and money.

Now, you can use our AI Service for a fraction of the standard industry costs.

Every day, somewhere, all the time, Lawyers are referring cases for economists’ calculations and paying $10,000 for estimates of “Damages Elements.”

Using our Artificial Intelligence system, we can now offer these assessments for a fraction of the cost.

This AI service provides a pivotal role to increase valuation across 24+ monetary markers of injury and 67,000 elements of damages that insurers pay-out for – and it’s affordable!


  • Inclusion of additional elements of damages
  • Calculation for loss of services in 9 categories
  • Rating of TRUE Pain & suffering – past & future
  • Additional calculation of damages for physical, emotional, and cognitive disorders.
  • Telemedicine Medical Inventories for the inclusion of the often unrated MTBI’s, emotional, stress, and cognitive disorders carrying tens of thousands of dollars of valuation.
  • Inclusion of the Whole Person Impairment Rating to add an additional 25% to the entire medical damages valuation.

THE DIFFERENCE: The audit with economist calculations are tripling and quadrupling injury claim valuation.

A.I. now performs ECONOMISTS CALCULATIONS that add six figures of valuation for an affordable flat service fee that can't be overlooked.

The economist’s calculations can add six figures to the value of soft tissue injury claims by adding these damages elements.

  1. Just call and we’ll review a claim at no cost.
  2. We’ll assess what the economist’s calculations can do to maximize claim valuation.
  3. We’ll determine what can be done on any injury claim you select so you get more money from insurers!



Injury Model

I provide professional, detailed Demand Letters and Auditing services to Personal Injury Attorneys using specialized software which reviews your case details and designs your reports to meets insurance BPI (Business Process Improvement) table formatting standards.

First, I recommend you watch the video linked above and below in a separate tab. Then come back here for more info and the free review/order link below. The video is about 15 minutes long and was created by the company I work with to provide you with possibly the best available demand letter and audit system out there.

Why would you want to pay for other demand letter services from other companies which don’t cover the injury points of your client? We cover 21-24 injury markers of each patient (including Whole Person Impairment Rating which itself adds 25% to your medical component) in your demand letter AND include the remaining 7 categories found in most demand letters which cover the attorney information regarding property damage, loss of income, etc. Plus we are less expensive.

Why do you want to audit a claim? Chances are high that your claim valuation is not accurate and usually this means it is undervalued by thousands of dollars. Claim Audits by a physician can find and reverse unfair undervaluation by reviewing for many items which are typically omitted from a claim or case modifiers and multipliers which are missing.

There is could be nothing more irritating for an Attorney than to deal with an Insurance company giving your case valuation the run around. These claims begin to pile up in your office and you need them settled. Or, if you are going to deposition and need more firepower you will want this audit to build the medical side of your claim. Or, if you are going to court and they have expert witnesses to say they are more right than you are, then you absolutely need a Personal Injury Audit from me because I will cover all the possible injury markers plus put the report in correct format WITH the Court Approved Validation (CAV) approved stamp/process to increase the weight of the evidence challenges. The cost is less than your cost of Time and Spend for having your staff try to do the same collecting of information. Plus it includes the Demand Letter and meets BPI formatting standards.

Where do you learn more? Click the following link  where you will see my bio and can order a free review to see if we can add value to your undervalued claims and get you access to the available monies to help your client. Also, this link will allow you to order an audit, which includes a highly detailed demand letter, which may be the best format available anywhere. You can be anywhere in the US and get a review/audit/demand letter from me.

Link for more info —> Dr. Sanders CASE Review Info Page (same as QR code above)

The review is free. FREE REVIEW/ORDER HERE

I hope you find this service useful – Dr. Susan Sanders 772-882-0701

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