Tips for Preventing Winter Activity Injury

Read Top Tips for Winter Activities Injury Prevention
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Prevent Injuries During Winter Activities:

It is no surprise that snow, ice and freezing weather can create slips, falls and serious injuries for people. Although we don’t experience much snow fall in Florida, travelers that indulge in winter sporting activities are far more likely to receive injuries, especially if they have not conditioned their bodies in advance.

Skiing, skating and tobogganing can all lead to muscle spasms, strains or tears in those who aren’t physically prepared. Colder temperatures cause less blood to flow to the extremities in order to keep the core warmer. This means muscles work less efficiently and injuries are more likely.

Properly Warming up your Body:

It is important before embarking on any exercise or sport in cold weather. This applies to both outdoors and indoors, if the temperature inside is also low. The following should provide a basic guide to warming up in various sporting endeavors:

Skiing: Perform 10 to 15 squats, legs shoulder width apart, knees aligned over your feet. Lower your buttocks as you bend your knees out over your feet, then push up to standing again. Slowly do it.

Skating: Several lunges, adopting a moderately advanced step forward with one foot, letting your back knee lower towards the floor. Keep your shoulders positioned over your hips, and repeat with your other foot.

Tobogganing: Sitting or lying on your back, bring your knees to your chest for 30 seconds several times to guard against compression injuries caused by the shocks of bouncing down bumpy slopes.
Cooling Down: Important during and after winter exercise and sport to restore and maintain flexibility.
If you happen to be shoveling snow, the following guidelines should help to protect your musculoskeletal system:

Plan your shoveling so you don’t rush it; listening to weather forecasts will help!
Wishing you and your families a safe holiday and happy travels!

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